New installation pellematic compact 5-16kw

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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New installation pellematic compact 5-16kw

by Edjosa41 » 03/12/22, 16:18

Hello all
I come to you because I have a lot of questions about my boiler installed and started on 25/11/22. It is equipped with the pelltronic touch version 4.0B.
since the start, it has turned 77 hours for an average cycle time of 27 minutes. Is less than 30 min of cycle normal?
how can I improve the curve and other parameters?
power 5-16kw for 100m² from 1971, average insulation.
I searched on the forum, but I did not find , sorry if my post is a duplicate
thank you in advance
PS the technician who started the boiler did not know that we could connect it to the internet : Mrgreen:
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