Information about establishment of a VMC

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Information about establishment of a VMC

by fabius54 » 16/01/14, 22:36

Hello everyone,

In full electrical installation of my house that I renovate from head to toe, I was wondering about a possible VMC ...

I do not know anything at all in this area, I never had the opportunity to have one in the past ... so why not put it, so notice to the connoisseur!

Here is my case:

1 house divided into 2 apartment, one of 70 m² and the other of 60 (50 + 10). In the 1er I buy a vmc simple 45 euros, just to ventilate at least the SDB.

By cons, 60m² housing is mine, it is under f2 fox so I try to really do the best thing, acoustic insulation and thermal roofing rockwool panels + insulating thin ACTIS . Placostyle partition with rockwool rockwool also and external wall, always at rockwool rockwool 100mm.

We have a window (which will be changed) and 5 skylights! (3x 114/118 and 2x 98/78 in "comfort").

The type of heating is electric, I buy heat radiator soft (I was advised against those with fluid). (4x 1500w) All connect to a programmer / pilot wire of my electrical installation.

A hollow hour meter will be put at my disposal, reducing the energy boost for my cumulus.

The floor, at least the ceiling below (type floor wood beam) is phonically isolate with again rockwool rock (mb rock) panels of 200 mm thick! so soundproofing at the top!

Voila, for a shack of years 1900 it is frankly already better.

In terms of visualization, I drew up the cut plan of the whole house (gray part at home). :


Since I have absolutely no room under my roof, I had the idea to install the VMC in the CAVE.

Is my schema correct (possible)?

Do I have to plan something else for better functionality?

At the kitchen level, a mouth is obligatory?

Are there other ways than a VMC?

Many questions I know, but I hope you can help me! (This is really an area that I do not know about ...)

PS: A model to advise me for a budget of 120 / 130 €?
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Leo Maximus
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Econologue expert
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by Leo Maximus » 17/01/14, 13:11

There are VMC installed in the cellars to ventilate the rooms on the upper floors and, a priori, it does not pose any problems.

I have a VMC Sauter. These are very good products, cheap, guaranteed 3 years and made in France. ... imple-flux . A simple flow with 3 extraction vents and inverter for 2 speeds costs less than 100 €. We must add the price of the sheaths and necklaces.

AMHA, the VMC is indispensable today if one uses a steam ironing station and a steam cooker in the kitchen.

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Arnaud M
I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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by Arnaud M » 22/01/14, 22:08

For 300 euros more we have a VMC double flux that recovers in 80% of heat (it's stupid to isolate if we put cold air in the house and we fout out the hot, as we done with a conventional VMC).
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by Gaston » 23/01/14, 10:30

Arnaud M wrote:For 300 euros more we have a VMC double flux that recovers in 80% of heat (it's stupid to isolate if we put cold air in the house and we fout out the hot, as we done with a conventional VMC).
Only drawback (in addition to the price): it takes 2 times more sheaths ...
When you want to put the group in the cellar, it can be a handicap.
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