Another thread on the regulation of a boiler (Easypell)

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Re: Another thread on setting a boiler (Easypell)

by Louislaws » 24/12/21, 13:46

Hi Pilpoill!

Well, the technician's visit yesterday was a little disappointing. In short, I didn't have the impression that he was there for the customer, but just to check as quickly as possible that the installer hadn't done anything really bad. Then he left.

However, that bothered me too much BECAUSE ... Wednesday the impatience was felt strong. I was agitated:

1) I made the modification of the circulator that you prescribed to me. Radiators and plumbing complain much less. No noise at all, and the circulator makes a lot less noise too.

2) The story of the Start bothered me a lot, so I started trying to break down the problem, starting with looking at the VanMel values ​​in the curves. I noticed that the orders (close, open, and stop) were indeed sent to the V3V, but, as we had already observed, without noticeable effect on the temperature. So then I looked at the valve wiring, and everything seemed to be fine. At that time I felt a little lost so I looked for the manual for the hydraulic unit, specifically the part concerning the V3V. I was starting to have suspicions about this valve.

In French :

FR.png (66.83 KiB) Viewed 1469 times

"To return to the automatic operating mode, push the button to reach the initial position."
Hm ... Wave. Okay. I push. Nothing. "Initial position" ?(??)

In English :

EN.png (65.5 KiB) Viewed 1469 times

"Reset to operation mode by pushing and adjusting the knob back."
Also vague and maybe poorly translated ... "Adjust the knob back"? But "back" where? "Readjust" how?

In German :

DE.png (75.42 KiB) Viewed 1469 times

Already the fact that the text is longer encourages me.
I do a little Google Translate and this is what is indicated at the end of this text:
"To return to automatic mode, engage the button again. To do this, turn the button in either direction with light pressure."
So there, we agree that it is much clearer. I turn the knob with light pressure, and CLICK. The dial clicks into place and begins to turn on its own.

: Shock: still.

We can clearly see on my curve the change from manual mode to automatic mode around 17pm:

graph_20211222.png (194.23 KiB) Viewed 1469 times

And here is the curve from yesterday:

graph_20211223.png (195.05 KiB) Viewed 1469 times

On the other hand, I see that the TDepart has a little trouble stabilizing (especially at the start of the cycle).
What do you think ?

Thank you again a thousand times Pilpoill for your assistance which is greatly appreciated by us.
Happy Holidays !
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I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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Re: Another thread on setting a boiler (Easypell)

by Pilpoill » 24/12/21, 14:43

Hi Louislaws,

So I identified two problems remotely just by exchanging photos and curves with you, while neither your heating engineer nor your technician took the trouble to take 1 hour to just check the consistency of the installation and the adjustment. basic circulator and v3v ...
It annoys me this kind of pros that I have only seen parade among all those I have helped! : Evil:

Well done for having identified more precisely the origin of the malfunction of v3v! 8)
The most common mistake being "backwards" wiring.

Your curves are starting to look like something much more in line with what every customer has come to expect without having to pull their hair out. :)
It happens that your v3v closes when your balloon approaches 60 ° C to prevent it from going below this temperature.
If the temperature drops below 60 ° C, your circulator will shut off and the v3v can yoyo for very, very long minutes.
This is normal operation but could be improved.

You will be able to resume the adjustment of your water law and the hysteresis of the room thermostat (circulator cut off around 15:50 p.m. and 16:10 p.m.).
And all this with all your thermostatic valves open to the maximum during the adjustment.

I will not explain here what I will help you to act to avoid disappointments for the sorcerer's apprentices who only read and modify everything without trying to understand.
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I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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Re: Another thread on setting a boiler (Easypell)

by Pilpoill » 24/01/22, 09:12

Thought of the day...

When we come to ask for help on a forum the least we could do would be to go to the end of the process and not be satisfied with the beginning of a solution and then disappear :|
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