Daikin, Rotex, boiler rotex GCU compact 524

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Daikin, Rotex, boiler rotex GCU compact 524

by bike68 » 10/01/21, 10:18

Hello, I would like to tell you about my concerns with this Daikin boiler and above all to warn you against a deplorable after-sales service from this company. In 2012, my heating contractor bragged about these Daikin Rotex boilers, so I trust him and have one installed at my house. Heating corq guaranteed for 5 years. At the end of 5 and a half years, the heating corq pierces, result of more than 2000 euros of work. Given the sum, my heating engineer (Esprit Chauffage) offers to replace it and, by dint of insisting, gives me another one of the same mark telling me that it's bad luck, and that it rarely happens. In addition I add 5 solar panels. So by calculating the 2 boilers plus solar, I am at 23 euros. First week of installation, my boiler breaks down, so there is no problem, they intervene quickly. Then, again with my heating engineer, I take out a maintenance contract with Ste Thermitec. Know that for a boiler maintenance, the best is when the cold is there, they do it in August, great no? Since I have 000 to 10 breakdowns per winter, this boiler is guaranteed for 15 years so for 2 years my heating engineer tried to help me out as best he could, then he had me change my collectors, clean my floor at least 2 times, in short for them it was my installation and not the boiler in question. I reproach him for one thing with my installer, it is that he wanted to deal directly with Daikin (here is the result), he should have turned against his supplier Electis and told him to change the boiler given all these failures. Today, I still have as many breakdowns, no more guarantees, everyone is tired of coming to troubleshoot, Thermitec tells me no more contract because it stops this brand, which is necessary of course, here you are. Daikin sent me a technician to assess my boiler, as a result, they want me to change parts that have nothing to do with my failure, namely that at times, it does not send heat to the floor it thinks it does , but the valve does not change and it overheats, so every morning when leaving for work I do not know if in the evening I would be hot or cold, and at night I get up 3 to 3 times to check. These parts, let's talk about ... estimate 4 euros for 1184 hour of work and 1 euros for parts. I think it comes by plane considering the price. I notice that to cash the checks, everyone answers but when it comes to acting there is no one left, what should I do? to change the boiler again? it will be the 100rd in 3 years. File a complaint? We are hardly lost, we are too small in the face of them. Today, no more responders, no more maintenance contracts, and these breakdowns have been repeated. I just hope a senior executive at this company reads this comment and takes charge of my case. In any case, I strongly advise against this brand given the deplorable after-sales service of the boilers.
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Re: Daikin, Rotex, Rotex GCU compact 524 boiler

by GuyGadeboisTheBack » 10/01/21, 14:08

I believe that today, hardly any after-sales service is satisfactory. You should register with Que Choisir and submit your file to them. They have enough leverage to make things happen.
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