Question wood/fuel boiler coupling diagram

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Question wood/fuel boiler coupling diagram

by francky67 » 30/10/22, 23:17


I have a Wiessman fuel boiler with a hot water tank that I would like to couple with a Wiessman wood boiler. I am looking for a diagram knowing that I cannot install the buffer tank at the moment (lack of funds), I also have a hydraulic kit (hs Tarn) that I would like to couple to the assembly.
So I would like to heat with wood, as soon as it is no longer enough for the fuel boiler to take over.
My questions are at the level of the hydraulic unit and the aquastat, their integration into the circuit?
If anyone can help me, thanks.
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Re: Question wood/fuel boiler coupling diagram

by phil59 » 31/10/22, 01:31

I have a hydro wood stove, 8.5 air, and 7.5 water, and even with that, sometimes it's a lot of production, and I recommend a buffer tank, at the very least.

At the time I had found a 500L for 100€ on LBC.

What I do is as soon as the balloon is too low, in my case, it's the gas boiler which turns over, to bring the balloon to the agreed tp.

A TP probe, sonoff type, and after which creates a scenario, for example, according to the outside tp, if tp tank < 36°, the boiler heats up to 38, for example ....
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