Configuration OKOFEN PE 32 + SOLAR + DHW + 800L TANK + UVR1611 + HONEYWELL

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Configuration OKOFEN PE 32 + SOLAR + DHW + 800L TANK + UVR1611 + HONEYWELL

by Browno » 10/04/22, 11:52

Hello everybody

I read quite a bit forum and found lots of interesting posts to configure/analyze my boiler. However, I can't solve my problem.

My situation/home:
I am in Belgium (LIEGE)
I heat 300 m2
3 floors
South facing

My installation:
An OKOFEN PE 32 Pellematic boiler
A silo of 5T - S280H
A buffer tank of 800L - KSTS 800
A regulation - UVR1611
Two solar panels
A Honeywell Evohome system

My current setup:
I bought the house 3 years ago and I really feel that the boiler consumes a lot of pellets. So I looked a bit on this forum (and others) to see how I could have statistics on it and how to reduce this consumption.
At the time of writing (outdoor temp.: 5°), my boiler starts up 15 times a day. I've looked at it a bit, and I'm having trouble understanding a lot of things.
My honeywell system only manages the ignition of the pumps which pushes the water into the pipes (and the valves on the radiators). Concretely, when the system detects that it is necessary to heat in one of the rooms, it changes a parameter in the UVR1611 and that makes it believe that the temperature of the room is -9999°. As a result, the UVR1611 regulation turns on the pump and pushes the hot water through the pipes.

My questions :
- Can't the Honeywell EVOHOME system also act as a regulator? Is my UVR1611 system not too much?
- How to adjust the parameters for the ECS? At the level of the UVR1611 regulation I do not find this functionality.
- What are, according to your experience, the configuration to put in order to have an economical heating system while remaining operational?

Thanks in advance for reading and helping.
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