How to install an air conditioner easily

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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How to install an air conditioner easily

by mounir231 » 24/10/14, 23:48

Information before you start:

The wall-mounted air conditioner consists of an indoor unit and a wall-mounted outdoor unit,

The outdoor unit (where the compressor is located) was designed to be installed outside the room.

The indoor air conditioner unit has been designed to be installed inside the premises, at the top of the walls (they air-condition by blowing air through their lower part to better ventilate the air conditioning wall).

The connection between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit is via refrigerant pipes and electric cables.

The temperature of a room will be automatically adjusted using the entire air conditioner (the indoor unit and the outdoor unit)

How to install an air conditioner Indoor unit
1. Facade
2. Air intake grille
3. Air filter + Room sensor
4. Horizontal shutter
5. Vertical shutter
6. Fixing screw of the facade
7. Infrared receiver and LCD indicator
8. Infrared remote control
9. Refrigerating connections
Outdoor unit
10. Outdoor air return
11. Outdoor air blowing
12. Refrigerant connection and evacuation hose
Install the Indoor Unit

Installing the mounting plate:

Choose the exact location of the support plate taking into account the dimensions of the unit,

For fixing the plate on the wall. Choose the dowels, and the number of screws best suited to the support

You have to choose a solid part of the wall to fix the plate and check its horizontality with the help of a level

install an air conditioner

Choice of the connection orientation of the refrigerant connections:

There are several positions of refrigerant connections from the left side to the right side from the rear right or from the back to the left
It is necessary to drill a hole in the wall of diameter 65mm, I advise to put a cylindrical tube to avoid deterioration the electric cable during their passage through the wall

air conditioner installation

Outdoor unit installation

Install the outdoor unit in a location where the clear air is not blocked.

Secure the normal operation of the fan by using a tube or a windshield When the outdoor unit is installed in a place constantly exposed to strong winds like the seaside or a floor at the top of a building,

Leave a distance of 500 mm or more between the wall surface and the unit

When using a wall-mounted air conditioner in cooling mode in low outdoor temperatures (outside temperature: -5 ° C or lower), a duct or wind screen must be prepared
So that it is not affected by the wind.

how to install an air conditioner install a wall mounted air conditionermount air conditioner installation
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the air conditioning is simple with me
cold room !
wall mounted air conditioning!
I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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by djo59 » 25/10/14, 03:03

Thanks for his info but ........
Ras the cap of these air conditioners of M ..... : Evil:
A as for the ecological penalty for air conditioners?!?
If we all lived on Earth as Europeans, we would already need 3-4 planets, so if we want to make it to the American .....

Throw the forum you will find excellent ideas 1000 times more effective than your gas plant. Look on the side of insulation, then old tricks like the world put to the test of thousands of years. Hardwood or other flower camouflaging the sun in summer, airy, cover / closed the exposed shutters, and in local refresh (where you are), the fan with a damp cloth (not a few thousand years ago) :P )

It always makes me laugh to hear the number of people who complain about their bills and when we scratch a chouilla we learn that they do not know that a pc / tv it goes out, the heating here module (room , presence, ...), the car to look for bread at 500m, .... and for some years add the air conditioning that becomes fashionable.
Thank you air conditioning that allows us to run coal / gas power plants in the summer just for her : Shock:

Hihi, reading me I think we will understand that I am anti clim.

Despite my intervention, it's not against you, thank you for your step of sharing, but it's just that these air conditioners
: Evil: : Evil: : Evil:
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Grand Econologue
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Re: how to install an air conditioner easily

by hic » 26/10/14, 05:00

Insufficient advice!
No need to cool,
if we do not take a minimum of precausion like insulation,
shutters closed
Cause that creates over-consumption of air conditioners

Air conditioning is useless in a well run house.

In my minimalist version,
the only thing we can not do is
hygrometry control when it exceeds 65%, summer and winter.
Which is the main element of comfort.

Passively carry out an absorbent such as wool or straw
or actively for little energy consumed.
(estimate, 1 / 2 Kwh to control 100m3 for extraction greater than - 10% hygrometry)
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