Tryba Solar peletti paradigma boiler

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Tryba Solar peletti paradigma boiler

by moun1976 » 21/02/21, 23:52


I have had a water leak for a few days from full water in my basement but we do not know where it is flowing, maybe there is a setting that I accidentally touched, maybe a drain system because the boiler is working normally yet can you help me please
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Re: Tryba Solar peletti paradigma boiler

by Obamot » 21/02/21, 23:58

Yes, there is planned obsolescence on the boilers. For example, there is a valve to drain in case of too much pressure in the condensing boiler circuit (or something).
Some valves may pee after a while.

I do not speak for this brand that I do not know. Photos could perhaps help to understand?
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I learn econologic
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Re: Tryba Solar peletti paradigma boiler

by econo-misons » 24/02/21, 11:24

ça peut être dû au tuyau dans lequel l'eau circule ? mes parents avaient aussi un souci de chaudière mais c'était de l'eau qui sortait non pas de l'appareil mais d'un de leurs chauffages. Ils ont d'ailleurs dû le changer. Après si votre chaudière n'est pas trop ancienne, il y a moyen de faire venir rapidement un chauffagiste et de voir si c'est un problème de courroie, de pompe ou de pression ? bon courage
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