Okofen boiler PES 10-32, departure time yoyo

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Okofen boiler PES 10-32, departure time yoyo

by SamDaPiRate » 14/02/21, 11:20


I had an okofen pellet boiler installed as a replacement for my gas boiler for 1 week.

but I have a big problem, and it has to fall on a Week End.

My house is divided into several dwellings, my main dwelling, and 3 cottages, 2 of which are connected to central heating.
Except since I opened the radiators of one of the cottages it is cold everywhere.

I pushed the heating curve to 1,9, increased the comfort temperature, but nothing helped.

When I look at the boiler I notice that the starting temperature fluctuates very strongly between 28 ° and 70 °
Suddenly the radiators, once heated and shortly after they are cold.

. automatic traps have all been changed
. before I turned on the radiators in the other apartment, the temperature was good at home

when I woke up this morning it was 16 ° in my living room, it curdles :(

Thanks for votre aide!
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