Need help with a student dissertation quiz on the energy transition

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I discovered econologic
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Need help with a student dissertation quiz on the energy transition

by rosheliel » 05/04/22, 20:08

Hello, I am a student in Master's in Territorial Strategy in Caen and as part of my dissertation on energy sobriety, I would like to ask you to help me participate in my questionnaire.

Indeed, the news on the management of fossil fuels (oil, gas), particularly with the Russia-Ukraine conflict, is prompting us to review our mode of consumption. The use of renewable energies is an interesting option but they are not necessarily accessible to everyone. The residential sector in Metropolitan France needs to be decarbonized like other sectors of activity to achieve a successful energy transition by 2050. Thermal comfort has a major impact on the energy bill, which is why I am working on a subject that questions the role of public authorities in promoting greater energy sobriety for households in metropolitan France.

The State has implemented aid for the energy renovation of buildings and I would like to assess through my study whether the means of the State can contribute to effectively regulating the energy consumption of households in the residential sector: this is what what I call sobriety in energy consumption.

I sincerely thank you in advance for your participation which will help me a lot in my dissertation. If you liked the questionnaire, you can also share it around you. It is totally anonymous and it is relatively short in duration.

If you have tips, proposals to share with me for my thesis topic, or even discuss a subject, I am also available on the forum.
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Re: Need help with a student dissertation quiz on energy transition

by Christophe » 05/04/22, 23:45

Double subject I lock
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