Installation VMC simple flow hygro

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Installation VMC simple flow hygro

by Melwasul » 03/04/19, 13:26


I would like your opinion on my problem for choosing a VMC. I watched and read a lot about VMC and I'm a bit lost from my home. Let me explain :

I currently have 3 indoor air extractions in my house. So engine in the living rooms that evacuate the air by a sheath going up under my roof (yes not directly outside the roof).
So a motor in the bathroom with switch-on switch on, which runs about 1min after turning it off.
Another in the toilet, same on light switch.
The last in the kitchen on separate switch.

I recently changed all my wood joinery (with a lot of air passages) by double glazing pvc. Which makes me a much more airtight house.
I also had a VMC outlet installed on my roof in Ø160 to evacuate a future VMC.

I would like to remove my extraction engines in my 3 parts to install a VMC single flow humidity-controlled in the attic.
The problem is that we wanted phonic windows, and the company advised us not to put air intake on the joinery for the phonic, having specified us, that suddenly it will be it's up to us to air regularly to renew the air of the house. What we do.
Now that I'm interested in the VMC, I'm looking for a very low consumption, so I wanted to go on a simple Hygro B flow. But from what I read, a Hygro B normally works with hygro air inlets , while a hygro A VMC operates with conventional air inlets.
However, when I look at the same brand Hygro B and the other not, all the characteristics are identical except consumption W-Th-C which is much lower in hygro B.
Even hygro extraction mouthpieces have the same references.

So I ask myself the question about the operation between hygro A and B. If I ride a Hygro B without having a hygro air inlet, will that cause any problems?
I'm a bit annoyed, because I do not want to install air intakes on my windows making me lose the sound of phonic. I have, I think of the air that must circulate again but I do not know how much. I can have an air intake in the bathroom, but not being hygro, I'm afraid of having energy losses and therefore more heating ...

Finally here, I wanted your opinion and help please.
I would go on a hygro B, and buy a hygrometric probe to monitor the humidity in the rooms and see if I need air intake afterwards, but I do not know if is the right solution depending on what I want.

Thank you in advance for your answers and your help.
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I understand econologic
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Re: Notice of hygro single flow VMC installation

by LOGIC12 » 15/06/20, 18:48

hello, the post is a bit old, but good. You cannot install a single flow CMV of any kind without air inlets on windows. And there are phonic air inlets on windows.

Otherwise without air inlets, you need a double flow VMC, which has a single air inlet coming from the roof in general. This air is preheated by the outgoing air and insufflation ducts will distribute this preheated fresh air in so-called dry rooms: living room, office bedrooms.
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