Help for economy heating isolated house

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Help for economy heating isolated house

by wervaecke » 03/10/14, 10:37

Good morning all.

So I expose my problem, I bought a house where I did various works including good insulation.

Wall => Lining in 8cm
Insulation between bottom and floor => Glass wool in 100
Grenier insulation => Glass wool in 260
Roof => Steel tray with polyurethane of 4CM

I have a large living room of more or less 40M2 with an open kitchen.

Surface of the house "86M2"

Electric heating + Electric hot water tank => EDF estimate 140 euros per month.

So I would like to save money but what to choose:

I thought of :
AIR AIR heat pump
Pellet stove

The system would be installed in the large room which is open.

Here is if someone can advise me. Tuesday a person comes to make an estimate for stove.
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dirk pitt
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Econologue expert
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by dirk pitt » 04/10/14, 09:36

for a given insulation, you have 2 ways to make savings (financial):
-heat less (the thermal losses are a function of the temperature difference between the interior and the exterior)
- choose an energy that is less expensive per kWh

for the 2nd solution I refer you to the post on energy prices: ... -3582.html ... 13066.html
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by Did67 » 04/10/14, 10:59

Allow me an unpleasant remark: your insulation is not up to what would allow to consider an electric heating !!!

Walls lined with 8 cm, it's not much! Today, the norm is on the side of 25 cm or more!

In the attic, the standard is around 40 cm!

You don't say anything about window frames ...

So this is where a real economy development would have started !!!

It is done. It is of course, much better than nothing.

But to reduce the bill, you have crutches left !!!

Dirk gave you price quotes ....

The issue of air-to-air heat pumps has been much debated. I do not have to repeat. With a good search engine you will find everything. And its opposite.

Having a pellet boiler, I will "naturally" recommend the pellet stove ... Make sure, if the house is empty during the day, to have a "programmable" model. On a remote control, you program the lowering during absences and the ascent a little before the return. If the house is occupied 24 hours a day, this is not useful. You can easily do it by hand.

And afterwards, you can play Mme Soleil to guess long-term price developments. We are talking about 15 or 20 years ago ... I had not foreseen the drop in fuel, constant for 2 years !!! So I shut up.
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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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by wervaecke » 04/10/14, 18:03

Before there was a 4cm insulation on some wall so here ..... After now you know. So air conditioning you do not advise me with the current insulation?
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I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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by LOGIC12 » 24/10/14, 01:06

hello, If the reversible inverter air conditioning is interesting, moreover it works down to -15 ° and we have made progress in recent years.

it is a very reactive heating: heats the space very quickly, which makes it even more economical. We can stop when we are at work since it heats up very quickly, or we can program it to restart half an hour before we arrive in the evening.

And it can be a complement for a wood stove, in fact as soon as the temperature drops, the inverter air conditioning (air / air heat pump is triggered.

The price of these installed devices is not too high.
If you have electric heaters, keep them in the event of a breakdown or in the event of very cold weather.

And if we are in a mild climate, it is even better. Note that there is a dehumidification function it seems to me.
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