Record cold in India in May 2022 (The fable of global warming)

Warming and Climate Change: causes, consequences, analysis ... Debate on CO2 and other greenhouse gas.
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Record cold in India in May 2022 (The fable of global warming)

by Exnihiloest » 30/05/22, 19:43

After the records of cold in Brazil, India:

The city of Bangalore in Karnata recorded its second lowest temperature with a maximum of 23°C, a difference of 11°C below the normal temperature. The minimum temperature, at 19,5°C was 3°C above "normal". This kind of temperature had not been seen in May since May 14, 1972 (maximum 22,2°C).

Image ... 08795.html

"This abnormally low temperature has been made probably 30 times more likely by climate change and could become the norm in the Decan in the coming years."
Replace "low" with "warm" and you have the ideological message we've been told for ages (while claiming that the weather is not an index of climate change, but who knows why, only when the weather is cold).
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