Why are sardines shrinking in the Mediterranean?

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Why are sardines shrinking in the Mediterranean?

by izentrop » 10/11/21, 03:56

I reassure you, it is not because of the narrowing of the entrance to the port of Marseille : Mrgreen:
The measurements are clear: over the past dozen years, the size of sardines in the Gulf of Lion in the Mediterranean has increased from 15 to 11 cm and their weight has been divided by three, from 30 to 10 grams. Another hitherto unexplained finding: in the Mediterranean, sardines over two years old have disappeared.

Among the avenues mentioned to explain this situation, there was that of fishing, that of natural predators: tuna or dolphins in particular, or that of a virus or bacteria. But it is ultimately none of this: it is the plankton that is involved. Sardines feed on it, but the quantity of this microalgae has decreased by 15% for ten years in the Gulf of Lion. Satellite images attest to this.

On the other hand, the size of these microalgae has also been reduced, and small plankton feed sardines less well. This is what Ifremer researchers have just confirmed, through experiments in basins. https://www.francetvinfo.fr/replay-radi ... 21811.html
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Re: why are sardines shrinking in the Mediterranean?

by humus » 10/11/21, 07:41

Uh ... to get into the boxes more easily? : Mrgreen:
Ok I'm leaving.
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