Idaho seeds the clouds to bring down the snow

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Idaho seeds the clouds to bring down the snow

by izentrop » 05/12/21, 23:51

A turboprop plane tasked with knocking down the flakes took off in November 2021. According to the Washington Post:
“Flying above the clouds, the aircraft released rockets which burned on the way down, releasing streaks of silver iodide which resulted in the formation of ice crystals and snowfall on the mountains. "

The goal is that next spring, the melted snow will trickle down from the rocky mountains to the water reservoirs. The latter will then be used to irrigate the fields and could be the source of the production of "hundreds of thousands of megawatt-hours of carbon-free hydroelectric power for the state. "

The privately-held Idaho Power has been using cloud seeding technology for nearly two decades, and has half a million customers in southern Idaho and western Oregon. In recent years, the state has made more and more use of it.

According to the IPCC: “Two essential characteristics of geoengineering methods give rise to particular concerns: they use or affect the climate system (eg: atmosphere, land or oceans), on a global or regional scale and / or they could have considerable undesirable effects beyond national borders. " ... echeresse/
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Re: Idaho seeds the clouds to bring down the snow

by GuyGadeboisTheBack » 06/12/21, 00:21

Toxicity, ecotoxicity

Silver iodide is a molecule composed of iodine and silver and its toxicity is often evaluated by reference to that of these two compounds.

For example, the EPA guidelines for the United States Clean Water Act consider silver to be a hazardous substance, a toxic pollutant, and even a "priority pollutant." It is also one of the pollutants whose increase in the environment is considered worrying, especially as silver nanoparticles are the most used and diffused in the environment by industry, commerce and medicine. ... icit%C3%A9
It's beautiful, progress!
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