Ecocide programmed in La Clusaz

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Ecocide programmed in La Clusaz

by info74 » 06/04/21, 19:36

Let's avoid the destruction of a biodiversity sanctuary.

The town of La Clusaz in the Aravis in Haute-Savoie is considering a hill reservoir project, intended for 1/3 to supply the village with drinking water, the remaining 2/3 being intended for the production of artificial snow. The start of the work is announced in the fall of 2021.
The project would be established on the Beauregard plateau, the jewel of the Aravis valley.

Drinking water is just an alibi to hide the downward spiral of all skiing at all costs.
Snow more and higher to build always more and even more expensive!

Associations and groups of citizens of the Aravis are trying to oppose this project.
Support them by signing and sharing their petition which in one week has already collected 44000 signatures:

Thank you for our mountains!
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Re: Ecocide programmed in La Clusaz

by GuyGadeboisTheBack » 06/04/21, 19:38

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Re: Ecocide programmed in La Clusaz

by Exnihiloest » 07/04/21, 21:40

It amuses me this notion of "sustainable development" balanced by the advocates of ecologism.
In fact, it is no development that the green people want. Nothing should be touched.
It is the "lasting stagnation" they want, a religion of contemplation.
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