Green dating site!

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I learn econologic
I learn econologic
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Green dating site!

by canares » 23/02/09, 11:40

meeting love on the internet has become very fashionable in recent years; But it is not always easy to find someone who has the same centers of interest, the same desires, the same values ​​.... for all the green, vegetarian and fan of sustainable development there are today sites of meetings dedicated to them
more informations: ... aires.html

ps: edit by Xtof, a FR site
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Econologue expert
Econologue expert
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by elephant » 23/02/09, 13:07

When will the green label on the bride ???? : Mrgreen: : Mrgreen: : Mrgreen:
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elephant Supreme Honorary éconologue PCQ ..... I'm too cautious, not rich enough and too lazy to really save the CO2!
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Econologue expert
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by gegyx » 23/02/09, 13:23

Yes, these sites allow a preselection, a close choice.
But among its participating members, there must be “extreme” cases, which one should nevertheless be wary of so as not to fall into the nightmare.
The bride was green ...
It reminds me of a not so bright story where a sinner and single, inveterate married a filthy girl on which I would not dwell on her aesthetic and sanitary qualities ...

Asked about the reason for this unreasonable marriage, the sinner admitted that it made him sacred beautiful verses ...

: Lol:
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by Christophe » 23/02/09, 13:48

I do not really see what it brings more compared to the choices by criteria of classic dating sites ...
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Econologue expert
Econologue expert
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by recyclinage » 23/02/09, 14:20

a free chat for the forum , etc.

there is an international irc chat network to name

it's free

if you are looking for an applet to put on a site there is the pjirc

chan creation is also free

it doesn't compete with forum

but it helps to have a team and a dialogue paraphrase

chan discussions
and conclusion on the forum

development on chan
and conclusion on the forum

or simply discussions of the best organic fruit cocktail, ...
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