Encounters between econologists

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Encounters between econologists

by Gregconstruct » 13/01/09, 23:00

After having noticed that ideas of meeting often germinated between econologists, the idea came to me to create this subject.

The goal is to avoid pollution of other subjects by meeting arrangements.

Anyway, have fun, meet, have a drink, make little ones, this subject is for that !!!
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by Lietseu » 13/01/09, 23:17

Good evening everyone,

I propose to those who wish to get in touch via MSN or lighter and easier: Skype, to all those who have not yet had the opportunity to do so ... this mode of conversation being faster, it is it is easier to get an idea of ​​who the other is by voice than in writing ...

Salutations to all... :P

The following here: https://www.econologie.com/forums/rendez-vou ... t6982.html
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