My dentist who comes from the east

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My dentist who comes from the east

by PVresistif » 20/11/23, 12:11

It's the story of a young and vigorous dentist who comes from Eastern countries and finds himself alone on weekends and bored; a doctor friend (Bulgarian) advises him to go visit the girls who work on weekends....So he goes there...
He does his little thing, everything goes well (according to him), but as he was leaving the girl said to him:
- it's the first time you've come but I finally think I know you a little
- the dentist: hah good and how is that?
- I think I guessed your profession, hah yes, and I'm ready to bet
- the dentist: you are making me walk, or you are a witch!
- not at all, I'm not a witch or a fairy but I'm sure I know your job
- the dentist: ah, good and then what do you think I would do?
- well, you are a dentist of course! so obvious
- the surprised and disconcerted dentist: that’s it, but how did you know?
- very easily responds the girl: "I didn't feel anything"........
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