The unexpected effects of global warming ...

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The unexpected effects of global warming ...

by camel1 » 29/11/08, 23:59

Hi everybody,

While snooping, I came across it, and I had a lot of fun!

There are several videos, it's worth the detour : Lol:

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by Christophe » 30/11/08, 11:28

Hihihihihi !!
5 to 6 Billion firefighters to put out global warming!
The flying niches of the dogs of the future!

It's true that the humorous sketches on global warming are a bit lacking ...

To what seems warming and CO2 is a "commercial fad" may be why nobody dares ... well except them!
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by Remundo » 30/11/08, 14:43

Informative message

In the same vein ... of burlesque diversion in the face of danger (nuclear here)

The series of "it was really very interesting" ... : Lol:

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