I am completely for the end of plastic bags !!!

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Master Kyot'Home
Master Kyot'Home
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I am completely for the end of plastic bags !!!

by nonoLeRobot » 08/12/06, 13:49

Finally an inventions that will motivate men to fight against the distribution of plastic bags: The bra convertible into tote.
http://www.tomshardware.fr/soutien_ecol ... -7978.html

I suggest that Charlotte buy this kind of tote rather than the ones she bought there:
https://www.econologie.info/index.php?20 ... s-en-toile

And make a small photo article to support it : Mrgreen:

Like what everyone is trying to ride the ecology wave ... it's really any nawack.
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I posted 500 messages!
I posted 500 messages!
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by freddau » 08/12/06, 13:54

Nawack Nawack,

This will make you love CA ecology.

So it's okay.
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Econologue expert
Econologue expert
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by Targol » 08/12/06, 14:35

The most annoying thing is still to transfer your bra to the supermarket checkout.

Being locked up for "indecent assault" while shopping, the last sign of rallying environmentalists? : Cheesy:
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"Anyone who believes that exponential growth can continue indefinitely in a finite world is a fool, or an economist." KEBoulding


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