GuyGadeboisLeRetour: “I think I am the BOSS”

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GuyGadeboisLeRetour: “I think I am the BOSS”

by Obamot » 01/08/22, 15:05

After more than 6 months of exacerbated cognitive shifts!
Finally THE thread dedicated to this extraordinary ego (to the nearest cm...)
A kind of permanent hymn to his creativity!

(To our blessed Yes-Yes who is ours!) : Mrgreen:
GuyGadeboisLeRetour wrote:
026F75E1-380B-4B85-A910-01E415180DE2.jpeg (51.6 Kio) Consulté 341 fois

HERE we collect his most beautiful exploits: a permanent show!

We could have called this thread: “GuyGadebois has turned his jacket around” (but he was the same before, just 'better' now) or...
"What to do with... GuyGadebois” (but precisely no, according to Peter's principle, we can't do anything about it!) it rhymes : Mrgreen:
GuyGadeboisLeRetour: “King of sliding in the marvelous world of beavers”... (but preserve!) or finally:
“GuyGadeboisLeRetour became a Zetetician on departure”...

But no need, now all this is gathered here: because “il” takes himself for the 'tape measure'...!
While he doesn't even have a place in a broom cupboard, where he could have been [...]descending like them : Mrgreen:

Please: no one-upmanship huh... CELEBRATE your possible, it's my tour...! : Mrgreen:

A simple copy and paste is enough, in this “playground”*
But avoid liking him elsewhere to make him believe he is “the BOSS”!

Dedicated to all the friends of the fo-fo, who are of great ethical inspiration and who can't take it anymore...
*) Source: “phil59” (borrowing the concept...)
*) Image source:
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“I am the worst nightmare of manipulators, perverts, counterfeiters, Ouaoua””

by GuyGadeboisTheBack » 01/08/22, 15:23

More and more ridiculous... and empty. Image
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"It is better to mobilize your intelligence on bullshit than to mobilize your bullshit on smart things. The most serious disease of the brain is to think." (J. Rouxel)
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Re: GuyGadeboisLeRetour: “I think I am the BOSS”

by Christophe » 01/08/22, 15:31

No interest as a subject
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