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Re: Bistro for off-topic conversations

by GuyGadeboisTheBack » 28/04/21, 13:45

Surreal conversation between a guy who messes around and another who doesn't mess around at ALL:

Guy kidding: "A good study is a study whose results drive up the actions of the group that manufactures and markets the product under study." ( WJB Rockabilly III)

Guy who's not kidding: Except the article you quoted doesn't write that at all, it doesn't say that most of the studies are doctored.

Guy kidding: I'm hallucinating ... and it comes to speak of second degree ... I will immediately phone WJB Rockabilly III (sic) to let him know your filthy disbelief.

Guy who's not kidding: Since you know how to take screenshots, show me the part where he says the numbers are faked (which for a scientist is a very serious accusation.

Guy kidding: (This guy is crazy ...) Pull yourself together, it's urgent!

Guy who's not kidding: Indeed, apparently, asking you to justify your assertions seems like a hopeless attempt ... but I am an incurable optimist.

Guy kidding: IT'S A GAG! A JOKE! IRONIC DELIGHTS! WJB Rockabilly III does not exist !!!

Guy who's not kidding: Suddenly, the 76% success of the AZ vaccine is not a very good study, but they still communicated their results ...

Guy kidding: (Total madness confirmed ....)
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Re: Bistro for off-topic conversations

by Obamot » 02/11/22, 04:07

Following this desperation to catch up with branches that never ends: health-pollution-prevention / understanding-vaccines-and-scientific-advice-objectives-t16933-3040.html # p515125
izentrop wrote:
Obamot wrote:Izy had baked walnuts — turning their valuable (life-saving) essential fatty acids into deadly “TRANS” fatty acids
Pooh pooh pooh...
I bake my walnut bread at 180°, which does not change the quality of the lipids

[Source of Izy's intox: “Catherine Gendreau, editor Canal Vie”]
This is one more proof that you are misinforming and this on several HS posts. Well-informed scientific circles believe the opposite: either that oils containing polyunsaturated fatty acids should not be heated to more than 40°C at the risk of damaging them (this is why everyone insists on the fact that they must be keep below this threshold, experience made: an oil left outside the fridge for beautiful summer days, goes rancid in less than two days...)

You can't prevent yourself from copying and pasting nonsense, which because of your incompetence does not allow you to detect its nature.
“TRANS” fatty acids are found in hydrogenated oils, but not only!
trans fatty acids can also form when heating and cooking vegetable oils at high temperatures whether during industrial transformation processes or during household use of these oils.
Government source: HANDLES
I then take your argument as it is after correcting your error:
izentrop wrote: heated to a very high temperature, the liquid oil [...] turns into semi-solid fat
: Arrowd: : Arrowd: : Arrowd:
Wikipedia wrote: And they [the “TRANS” fatty acids] have a different spatial geometry: in molecules of trans fatty acids, the double bonds between carbon atoms (characteristic of all unsaturated fatty acids) are in trans configuration instead of being in cis configuration, which gives them a rather straight instead of curved.

This feature makes them less fluid and gives them a higher melting temperature than the cis form: they are therefore more solid at room temperature which is a property sought by the food industry, in particular for the preparation of margarines. They also decrease membrane fluidity if they are integrated into the lipid bilayer.
And to know at what temperature it happens, it's simple and very little, just observe the olive oil which can freeze also in winter at room temperature... So “high temperature” is NOT a criterion for the presence of “fatty acids TRANS” but is only a marker of denaturation. In any case, this is not the ultimate proof that it would be harmful to health...

This is why it is specified on the bottles of quality oils:
— that they must be refrigerated once the bottle has been opened, otherwise they will go badCISfeels..
— whether they are (or not) cold extracted, which guarantees, if so, that they are not denatured.
It therefore takes very little to switch to the CIS form or to denaturation, if simply letting them oxidize denatures them, this proves that they are fragile, I'll let you see if your oven at 180°C would be enough to be classified in the “high temperatures” (or not) but as you are a great comic, you could try to take a bath with walnut oil brought to this temperature, and tell us what in you would remain alive after such a treatment, as after the 30 to 40 minutes of nuts in the oven. I'm sure you would change your mind.

In reality therefore: the more you cook, the more you “are cooked”. (and this is just another episode of your disinformation, because you will also find another way to deny after that... I have no doubt)
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