Recycling of synthetic fuel CO2?

crude vegetable oil, diester, bio-ethanol or other biofuels, or fuel of vegetable origin ...
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Re: Recycling CO2 into synthetic fuel?

by sicetaitsimple » 24/12/22, 17:19

NCSH wrote:As for being enthusiastic, you can hardly fault this small group of Finnish academics.
They drew their costing elements from German manufacturers and other leaders in these innovative processes.
Maybe with a bit of optimism...

That's what I said! It takes enthusiastic people to clear the trails! But transforming tracks into roads, there you have to hit the hard, and generally that reserves a certain number of unpleasant surprises.
From experience, the non-binding costings of manufacturers at the "feasibility study" stage generally turn out to be completely underestimated when we start talking seriously about a possible realization, even a pilot unit.
Happy Christmas too.
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