The well bakken 100 billion barrels of oil?

crude vegetable oil, diester, bio-ethanol or other biofuels, or fuel of vegetable origin ...
I understand econologic
I understand econologic
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The well bakken 100 billion barrels of oil?

View carburologue » 12/02/09, 12:19

have you ever heard of bakken wells overflowing with 100 billion barrels ???
Info or intox???
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approach the end, we'll all spend ... not kidding ... a little humor is good for morale ...

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dirk pitt
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View dirk pitt » 12/02/09, 13:27

no poison, but different studies show that because of the very low porosity of rocks, only between 1 and 3% is technically recoverable.

High estimates today estimate a maximum recoverable potential of 4.3 billion barrels but more probably around 2 billion or about .....

25 days of current global consumption : Shock:
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View Christophe » 12/02/09, 14:13

dirk pitt wrote:25 days of current global consumption : Shock:

And even if the 100 billion were exploitable!

At 85 M barrels per day, we would have: 100 / 0.085 = 1200 days, a little more than 3 years and 2 months ...

Nothing to cheer about ...

Strongly that we know how to exploit methane hydrates : Mrgreen:
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View Remundo » 12/02/09, 16:16

Well ...

look at this and you will end up being convinced although everything that we can find will not change anything on the peak-oil which is probably already crossed (thank you the crisis to temporarily prevent it from becoming frankly catastrophic) : Idea:
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