Test: are you an asshole?

Buying well and choosing a product or service well means, in addition to being satisfied, consuming less and preserving the planet, it is essential in 2021 to buy better! Also the exchange of information and experiences makes it possible to avoid various scams and crooks. In 2021, it is essential to exchange your experiences of use, positive or negative, because the market for products and services for the consumer has never been so abundant in the history of mankind. Helping to choose better is essential because buying better means buying sustainable!
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Re: Test: are you an asshole?

by Obamot » 27/03/23, 10:17

Ahmed wrote:
The certainties, it is among idiots.

But not the second degree, which the nominalists cannot understand... 8)

Do you understand this sentence at least:
"Certainties are among idiots."

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