Uptech misting air cooler test (Foir'Fouille brand)

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Re: Test of the Uptech misting air cooler (Foir'Fouille brand)

by Exnihiloest » 01/07/21, 23:10

The "felt" temperature, which today we claim to measure, however also depends on individuals. I often hear that the humid heat is difficult to bear, but it is the opposite in my case. I prefer 30 ° humid in Libreville, to 30 ° dry in Nîmes. Weird ...
Maybe an evaporator would be what I need then, except that too late, I recently had a "real" air conditioning in the warmest room where I spend a lot of time, under a big slate roof. I still rarely put it on. It is very quiet, no direct draft, it's still comfort. "Luxury, calm and pleasure" as Baudelaire said. For a room, I recommend.
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Re: Test of the Uptech misting air cooler (Foir'Fouille brand)

by Obamot » 21/06/22, 09:20

It's time to do an "UP"

Heat wave alert

Take out your foggers and fans...

Heat wave and health: don't forget to hydrate yourself “before you get thirsty”, and take showers “before you feel bad.”

(And everything you need to do such as: using a fan, not exposing yourself to the sun unnecessarily, eating fruit, isotonic drink if physical demands or need to walk for a long time, etc.)

How to make isotonic water?
To prepare 1 liter of isotonic drink, mix 50 cl of pure fruit juice (grape juice, richer in sugar, may be preferred) in 50 cl of water, add a quarter of a (small) teaspoon salt. Otherwise, cold tea without forgetting the salt... Finally, it is advisable to prepare your drink as close as possible to its consumption.
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