DIY and self-construction: building or mount a self-installSolar sterilizer.

Help and advice for all work carried out in self building and presentation of your work DIY or self-build. Because making oneself is often econological but beware overconfidence!
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Solar sterilizer.

by phil53 » 15/11/20, 09:33

Maybe I searched wrong, I can't find any feedback from solar sterilizer user experience.
Is there a member who uses it?
There are a priori 2 principles, one with vacuum tube and one with parabola directed on a small box.
I thought that the pots should be bathed in water to prevent the temperature from rising too much.
On the videos the users put the pots without water outside.
I have not found an explanation for the problem of sterilization when water becomes scarce in the jar.
In the absence of experience, what do you think?
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