I tried the electric stapler from LIDL

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I tried the electric stapler from LIDL

by phil59 » 07/02/23, 22:25

This morning, I had the daybed in the living room to repair, the new living room has been ordered, but it's for June-July. (6 months delay).

Repair of 2 "springs" like broken slats, and afterwards, the protection had to be put back underneath, and a stapler was needed.

Precisely, on Saturday, I had bought one at LIDL, 18.99€.

So test today, and it works fine, but it was in soft wood.

Tomorrow I will try in harder wood, and will also test the "small nails". I will also take some photos.
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Re: Tried electric stapler from LIDL

by gegyx » 07/02/23, 22:45

For small jobs I never use staplers with large staples.
To stop a fabric on a frame, to bind thick documents, and even to weave jeans quickly (instead of putting a pin) to do stockings, I use an old office stapler, indestructible. And if it's a little hard I hit the mushroom with my hand, and it goes.
With Jaky 8 staples
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