Natural swimming pool construction

Present your DIY projects, your new technical ideas, your innovations to test or your self-construction work. Because doing it yourself is often more economical and can be more efficient.
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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Natural swimming pool construction

by beauvincent » 08/01/21, 13:43

Hello and thank you for the great sharing. I appreciate the quality of your content. You can feel the amount of work and passion you put into it.
I already have an idea on this method and I find it good:
Do you think your method could help me even more?
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Re: Construction of natural swimming pool

by Christophe » 08/01/21, 15:15

Even if it means spamming as much, do it well, right?

So I replaced the link to tracking by

And I'm locking this topic ... naturally you shouldn't be against ...

Too bad the subject was interesting but as you are here for a venal purpose, it is not!
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