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Agriculture and soil. Pollution control, soil remediation, humus and new agricultural techniques.
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UA Report

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A friend made an interesting License report to the Paris City Hall on urban agriculture:

"Developing urban agriculture in Paris through the experience of shared gardens: Utopia or Reality?"

I. History of agriculture in Paris and evolution of anthropic practices
1. Ancestral practices of Parisian market gardeners
2. Intensive urbanization and environmental consequences
3. Emergence of a new trend.

II. The City of Paris Shared Gardens program
1. Presentation and operation
2. Environmental management

III. Urban agriculture development
1. Links with the economic, social and environmental crisis
2. Evolution of nature planning in Ile de France
3. Paris and its prospects for the future: Paris Métropole, “Grand Paris”

IV. Identification of brakes and levers
1. The limits to the emergence of urban agriculture
2. Interests in the development of urban agriculture
3. Ecosystem services and human well-being
4. Details on the roles of the "nature-companion" in the city

V. Possible experiments and links with citizen demand
1. Several models of urban agriculture that can be developed in shared gardens
2. The rise of short circuits in Ile de France
3. Reflections and recent studies related to permaculture

VI. Permaculture, an ecosystem development tool
1. Permaculture and links with environmental management
2. Principles of environmental design and operation

VII. Environmental actions already implemented
1. Waste
2. Apiaries
3. Above-ground gardening and roof gardens

VIII. The Montreal Experience
1. Urban agriculture in Montreal, part of the city's history
2. Typology of modes of development of urban agriculture
3. Some urban agriculture techniques that can be transferred to Paris
4. Permaculture in Quebec

IX. Conclusion ... rbaine.pdf
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