Producing food from air and electricity

Agriculture and soil. Pollution control, soil remediation, humus and new agricultural techniques.
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Producing food from air and electricity

by izentrop » 29/06/21, 01:30

But what exactly is behind this 2.0 food? This involves producing single-cell proteins (SCP) through a fermentation process from yeasts, bacteria or microalgae, supplied with water, carbon dioxide and nutrients (methane, ethanol, sugars, etc.). These single-cell proteins will then be used to produce a food with a high protein content.
Several start-ups are already working on this subject, such as Deep Branch Biotechnology, which produces feed for livestock or aquaculture. The Finnish start-up Solar Foods has also developed “Soline”, a kind of wheat flour rich in protein obtained by separating air and water molecules through electrolysis. Fed with CO2 and nutrients, the microbes will then manufacture amino acids and produce an “ultra pure” protein. According to the company, the process is 20 times more efficient than photosynthesis and 200 times more efficient than meat at obtaining the same amount of food., and requires considerably less water. The Californian start-up Air Protein, on the same niche, has just raised $ 32 million from investors including Barclays and Google Ventures.

this process is much more economical in natural resources than conventional agriculture. And this is what confirms today the team of scientists in the PNAS journal
Image ... ture-92192
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Re: Produce food from air and electricity

by humus » 29/06/21, 07:55

We cannot say that it makes you hungry.
Like what there is not only efficiency in life.
I only hope one thing is that we will never need this innovation.
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Re: Produce food from air and electricity

by GuyGadeboisTheBack » 29/06/21, 12:41

The nightmare continues!
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Re: Produce food from air and electricity

by Obamot » 29/06/21, 12:45

Ah ... Another article from this gourd by Céline Deluzarche ...
It doesn't surprise me that this is the kind of dung Izentrop “selected”(Its yellow highlighting says a lot about the bozo's IQ ...)

As for her, the conclusion of her soothing article is astounding:

The end of beans?
The elimination of agriculture is not for tomorrow, however. Because, if the technology has proven itself on a small scale, feeding the world with gigantic bacteria fermenters remains quite uncertain. In addition, the resulting powder, composed of 70% protein, will not meet all nutritional needs. What about fiber, vitamins, carbohydrates or fat? We will have to supplement our diet with good real vegetables and sunflower oil [completely unbalanced omega-3 vs omega-6]. Find alternative proteins, alright, but deprive us of burgers and tomatoes, blah! [Ouch, and say that it comes from “Futura Science”That!]
Why then write that to come to such a stupid conclusion! : Arrowd:

- “Down with junk food, long live hamburgers!” _ Image Image
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Re: Produce food from air and electricity

by Exnihiloest » 29/06/21, 22:09

Obamot wrote:Ah ... Another article from this gourd by Céline Deluzarche ...

I found an article from Futura Science where Céline Deluzarche learnedly tells us:

"Did you know?
The golden ratio or "divine proportion" corresponds to the ratio between two lengths a and b, so that a + b / a = a + b.

If a + b / a = a + b then b / a = b so a = 1 and b can be anything. It is obvious that there is a shell, but not at her place!
This big blunder is on the Futura Science website. "Futura Science" means "future science", so indeed they are still far from it! : Lol:

The Golden ratio, it is for two lengths such that (a + b) / a = a / b, not at all the same thing.

Still too early to talk about a gourd, but if it has many in the genre, not impossible!
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Re: Produce food from air and electricity

by Christophe » 29/06/21, 23:47

Isn't there a mistake in the title? Rotten ... : Cheesy: : Cheesy: : Cheesy:
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