My vegetable garden of 50 - questions

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I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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My vegetable garden of 50 - questions

View Bobinsana » 26/03/22, 18:47

Hello all,

Following the messages and reading the book, I launched my vegetable garden last October. I installed renewal, which was damn eaten by the earth (I couldn't believe it).
I wanted to test my land at the end of January, and I planted a few cloves of garlic to test, and it works :).

I now have questions on 3 topics:
1) my hay has almost disappeared in places:
I haven't even planted yet that my hay has been eaten by the ground. So I was wondering if I should put back hay right away, or plant my seedlings, and wait for the harvest to put back hay?

2) it grows! : grass and flowers are starting to show themselves damn well, where my hay has been eaten... Do you advise me to weed by hand (tiring), or to plant my seedlings (and there will be food for everything the world) ? Or other ?

3) I sowed seeds of yellow onions directly in the ground, because apparently it was possible. Now I wonder if I did something stupid. Because if my onion seeds germinate, and there are too many of them, I think thinning out will be difficult, and I'm also afraid of causing a massacre... In short, for onions, you sow directly in the ground, or elsewhere and you transplant?

Thank you for your answers to my probably obvious questions.
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