Agriculture: problems and pollution, new technologies and solutionsThe synergie21 associative project

Agriculture and soil. Pollution control, soil remediation, humus and new agricultural techniques.
I discovered econologic
I discovered econologic
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The synergie21 associative project

Unread Messageby S21 » 25/08/20, 05:58


I discovered your forum several months ago through the vegetable garden of Didier Helmstetter's sloth. It is thanks to him, among other things, that I reached a conclusion concerning gardening, the human being and his relationship to nature. This process of honesty towards my peers and towards myself led me to create with the help of my sister and other volunteers the associative project synergie21
For those who know earthworm production, during a recent video conference, Ernst Zürcher talks about our project (at 32min 50sec)

Overwhelmed by the potential and the consequences that such ideas could have, we decided through our website, to submit them to criticism, so that we can help us to refine them, if necessary, of interest to a large number of people who could help us in the implementation of this new human and horticultural paradigm.

Pending your questions, suggestions or feedback, I wish you a pleasant discovery.


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