Cereals: production, energy and human and animal consumption

Agriculture and soil. Pollution control, soil remediation, humus and new agricultural techniques.
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Re: Cereals: production, energy and human and animal consumption

View Janic » 28/07/22, 08:58

Janic wrote:
this kind of article means everything and nothing like all the abstract averages ....

Well, okay, these are indicative values, with margins. This one talks about:
11 to 15% protein
45 to 60% carbohydrates
35 to 40% lipids
with regard to caloric intake (vitamins, minerals subject to other target values).
these are only quantitative values, not qualitative. Where does this dimension appear? Nowhere!
So since that means everything and nothing according to you, you must have another "ideal" distribution?
none for Mr. and Mrs. everyone, no one does these dietary measurements on a daily basis, it's just to occupy certain individuals who believe they are competent in areas where these are ONLY numbers, not reality!
And do you agree with what your friend Obamot said a little above "we still consume 10 to 20x too many carbohydrates / proteins (cereals are one of them)". If so, what do we replace it with? Lipids?
There is no need to replace an error with other errors! All living beings on this earth, animals and plants, do not make this kind of pseudo-intellectual abstraction, but follow their instinct, undistorted by our culture.
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"We make science with facts, like making a house with stones: but an accumulation of facts is no more a science than a pile of stones is a house" Henri Poincaré


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