To death death, immortality soon? (Laurent Alexandre)

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Re: Death to death, immortality soon? (Laurent Alexandre)

by Exnihiloest » 13/09/21, 22:47

Janic wrote:but the taste

you mean the "taste"?
it's personal

It's wrong. The crappy taste of shit is unanimous among men against him. But you will undoubtedly tell us that it is a popular dish if it is well prepared, and that your friends' scatophaguses like it very much, with a little carrot juice.
, what one will find "good" another will find it "bland, tasteless!"

It's wrong. Nobody finds Munster "bland".
The mistake,

Before speaking of an error, it would be necessary to demonstrate that there is one.
It is exactly

You don't know if it's "fair". Do you think you have papal infallibility like all obscurantists?
to want

Still all wrong. Nobody wants, or proves it.
find the same taste as bidoche.

Still all wrong for the same reason. And then "the taste", what is it?
In reality

You claim to know reality, pretentious lost in his illusions?
these products are only substitutes

You don't know anything about it.
intended not to suddenly disorient

Disinformation ! Nobody cares about the producers to disorientate or not. Or prove it.

Here I made a sausage answer to the con, Janic style. In fact, it's very easy to be a jerk. To say that for some it is natural!
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Re: Death to death, immortality soon? (Laurent Alexandre)

by sicetaitsimple » 13/09/21, 23:03

Almost perfect, we believe it! Lack just a few insults, the "bell pov" is still very soft ...
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Re: Death to death, immortality soon? (Laurent Alexandre)

by Janic » 14/09/21, 09:03

exn ... ullissime
In fact,
a fact is not a proof
it's very easy
for you
to play stupid.
you do not play since it is natural for you!
To say that for some it is natural!
these some being yourself and your funny ones in an obvious way as you just pointed out!
Does that make you sausage enough?
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"We make science with facts, like making a house with stones: but an accumulation of facts is no more a science than a pile of stones is a house" Henri Poincaré


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