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Re: 3D printer [general debate: interests, technologies]

by Christophe » 07/12/20, 14:47

Here is the support of a Webinar in which I participated a few days ago ...

Advances in additive manufacturing of filaments and granules of filled polymers and technical depolymers

FDM Webinar Presentation peps 3 12 2020 VF.pdf
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I'm not sure what "depolymer" means but I think it's all "non-plastic" ... since the webinar was also about metal printing.

It therefore does not only concern plastic printing and it is very comprehensive, it is the "top" of current research in France and carried out by several public or private bodies.

We see that there is still a lot of work and that the technology is still in its infancy.

It is, for example, difficult to explain the chemical differences in the case of stainless steel metal 3D printing (other than if the powder to be printed was of different composition but a priori it is not) ...

In short, 3D printing is (even) more complex than it seems when you enter the heart of the matter!
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