Observatory of sustainable consumption

Consumption and sustainable and responsible diet tips daily to reduce energy and water consumption, waste ... Eat: preparations and recipes, find healthy food, seasonal and local conservation information food ...
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Observatory of sustainable consumption

by Christophe » 09/04/10, 11:28

This Belgian Brussels site brings together many files (small synthetic items in fact) to consume more sustainably.

The Brussels Observatory for Sustainable Consumption - OBCD - aims to support the work of public authorities in the Brussels Region in raising awareness and informing the public in the field of sustainable consumption. In particular, it aims to promote consumption choices and behaviors compatible with sustainable development.

We consider sustainable consumption, not only in its environmental dimension: consumption that aims to meet the needs of current generations while preserving resources so that we can meet the needs of future generations; but also in its social and economic dimensions: respect for human and workers' rights throughout the production chains, generational and spatial equity, fair trade.

Many interesting files (hover over "files" at the top) http://fr.observ.be/accueil.php

Examples: fruit and vegetable calendars

Calendar of seasonal vegetables
Calendar of seasonal fruits

The seasonality of fruits and vegetables is also very important in terms of global warming: producing out of season involves cultivation techniques that consume fossil fuels, such as greenhouses or refrigerators on call.

The proposed calendar helps you choose your fruit and vegetables according to these two criteria, seasonality and proximity to production. The products highlighted in yellow are produced in Belgium, often in plain land, the green lines indicate the original production season while the red lines indicate that fruits and vegetables are produced through the use of energy-intensive cultivation techniques.

There is also a page that lists all the "eco logos": http://fr.observ.be/labelsetlogos.php
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Econologue expert
Econologue expert
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by dedeleco » 09/04/10, 16:30

A little blurry over the months !!
So I have good grapefruits on the tree (Var) until May, June and not only March April (I currently have a stock to eat for lunch and dinner).
My grapefruits producers do not start in October but at the end of December !! (Var seaside!)
But in trade they come from Israel (not the same) and end earlier.
The apricots do not start in May but at the end of June and end before October, rather at the beginning of September !!
The cherries start in June and not in July as well in the Var and the Paris region and in August they have almost disappeared (except mountain)
Local pears are not all year round but are kept all year round for certain varieties (such as apples).
My pear trees start at the end of July and not only September !!
The grapes start in mid July (Cardinal) and end up preserved in December (muscat) and not in October.
Mirabelles is not in July (not found) but in August and not in September in the Paris region and Alsace.
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Econologue expert
Econologue expert
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by dedeleco » 09/04/10, 16:41

Finally I had not seen it, but they forget the figs, a delight on the point tree but quickly lose their scent !!
They are ripe in early July and late August (double harvest) !!
Almost untraceable in stores, much to my regret !!
The jays er, eat them faster than me, these fruits !!
They forget the delicious persimmon so ripe in November December !!

Like jays I love fruit !!!!
I do not understand that many do not like fruit and prefer the junk of sodas and cocas, with sweet and tasteless water !!

I have to wrap them with bags or nets otherwise nothing !!!
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Éconologue good!
Éconologue good!
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by swift2540 » 09/04/10, 21:45

Read on this site

Urine is a fertilizer for tomatoes

You answered: True
Well done, that's the right answer

Research in Finland has shown that human urine, alone or mixed with birch wood, is an excellent fertilizer. Treated tomato plants produced 4 times more fruit than untreated plants. The catch: urine may contain drug residues. This remains problematic for the treatment of plants in the case of a family vegetable garden.

Awesome ! Now Madame can't stop me from watering the tomatoes naturally : Mrgreen: : Mrgreen: : Mrgreen:
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