Burn-out, boron-outs and brown-out. These chronic conditions of work!

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Burn-out, boron-outs and brown-out. These chronic conditions of work!

by Christophe » 20/10/16, 14:20

After the Burn Out and the Bore Out, a new term appeared in the chronic exhaustion of the working world: it is brown-out!

Read: http://www.levif.be/actualite/sante/qu- ... 63615.html

In fact if we understand their definitions correctly, bore-out and brown-out have always existed in the world of work ... because ultimately I think that rare are the people (I mean employees) who find their work interesting on a daily basis. and who defends their values ​​... but hey "must eat well" * then as they say eh "work is health" **!

a kind of existential crisis of the employee who experiences a real misunderstanding of the professional tasks entrusted to him, either by the absurdity of these or because they are in conflict with his values.

* an often heard "excuse" which results in a completely dehumanized labor society and destructive productivism !!
** probably not a worker's thought !!

ps: reminder of this documentary which is already 10 years old economy-finance / j-am-very-bad-at-work-reportage-a-view-of-emergency-t4233.html
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