For a future without incinerators

CAP21 has launched a petition to limit the construction of incinerators.

Here are the different points defended:

 » Reduction of packaging at the source, requiring the use of packaging products ensuring the possibility of recycling, material recovery, recovery by deposit, as well as the taxation of non-recyclable packaging.

Establishment of a eco-economy generating employment, wedged on these new deposits.

Extension of financial aid to all the masses of recyclable products sorted in homes or in industrial sorting centers.

Material recovery of fermentable products and sludge, by composting or methanation.

Align billing mode the collection and treatment of household waste, on the mode of remuneration in force for the services of water, gas and electricity.

introduction of planning rules taking into account the space constraints related to sorting, selective collection, as well as the establishment of unpacking and recovery platform in any commercial building project of more than 300 sqm of sales area. " 

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All these points are already, largely or in part, applied in other countries of the European Union, in particular the countries of the North. It would suffice for France to draw a little inspiration from these other countries ...

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