The madness of men, to see a movie

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The men of Madness (Vajont)
Italian, French film (2001). Drama.

The title was attractive and we are onboard for afternoon cinoche. Well, this film is certainly not a masterpiece, it is full of defects. But history holds our attention because it is true: a dam is being built deep in a mountain valley in the Italian 50 years.

The book will fièreté the country and a timely delivery will support the success of Man overpowering nature. Residents of flooded villages do not want to leave their homes? The right is with us and we will remove those arrears! Workers are killed in construction accidents?
This is regrettable but the you-you, we get something for nothing! The geologist stuns us disants reports that the mountain is unstable? Well call another one that understands our best interests!

A mixture of money, power, swindling and inordinate confidence in the superiority of man on his environment, that the madness of men. If only the dead 3000 were the last of this kind of behavior! Because what is sadder in this film, it's probably that the lesson has not worn!

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