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Focus on eco-responsible insurance

Ecology has taken on a lot of importance in our lives. The insurance sector, whose job is to do what is called risk management, has had to adapt to the new concerns of the French. To do this, companies are implementing “green” solutions by offering ecological insurance policies. In this article, we explain how they are increasingly helping to protect the environment.

Awareness of ecological issues

If there is one sector that quickly became aware of the impact of ecological problems on the global warming, these are insurance. Indeed, the increase in damage linked to natural disasters has had a major impact on insurance companies and mutuals. For example, after the Xyntia storm of 2010, which ravaged the French coast, they had to pay more than 1,5 billion euros to compensate the victims. Today, at the time of the global covid-19 pandemic, one of the causes of which is linked to the neglect of the environment, will also cost insurance dearly. We cannot yet measure the cost, but the insurance industry is in danger of being hit hard. It is for this reason that they are starting to offer "green" products that encourage more ecological behavior among the insured. Moreover, on the sites of online insurance comparators like for exampleyou can search for ecological offers.

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An environmental responsibility

Similarly, environmental concerns are increasingly imposed on economic players. The OECD and the European Union in particular have done a lot in recent years to develop the concept of corporate social responsibility. CSR refers to companies taking into account the environmental and social impacts of their activities. Insurance companies that are keen to improve their image have every interest in offering of ecological solutions.

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Examples of “green” insurance

What we call “green” insurance, these are offers that encourage policyholders to adopt eco-responsible behavior. One of the first sectors where “green” insurance has developed is in the field of auto insurance. Today, there are offers that reduce the amount of premiums for all drivers who use less polluting means of transport. Sometimes it goes even further, because some companies grant preferential rates to policyholders who have a subscription to public transport.

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Home insurance are also going green within the framework of the law on energy transition. Indeed, the State promotes the construction and renovation of homes in order to improve their energy performance. Insurers have put in place incentive offers by lowering premiums on housing that includes more ecological equipment. There are also insurance contracts on renewable energy equipment, like solar panels.

In the same way, companies and mutuals insurance companies show their involvement in the field of ecology by developing loan insurance intended for the construction of an ecological habitat or the improvement of the energy performance of a habitat.

Finally, insurance companies do not hesitate to develop partnerships with associations or NGOs which are involved in the field of ecology.

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