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More and more French people, when they buy products or consume a service, ask themselves the question of whether they are making an eco-responsible gesture. Companies have understood this well and are integrating this demand into their offers. Beyond taking into account the principles of CSR in the context of sustainable development, it is also a major marketing argument. Today, insurance is going green, which we will see more precisely in the context of home insurance.

The interest of companies in offering green insurance

The work of insurers is essentially based on risk management. It is a concept which guides the content of the offers and which makes it possible to define the price. However, in the field of housing, respect for the environment is a factor to be taken into account. For example, in recent years, there has been an increase in the number of events classified as natural disasters such as floods, storms or hailstorms. All these disasters cause considerable damage to homes and this is very expensive for insurance. For example, the Xyntia storm in 2010 cost insurance companies nearly 1,5 billion euros. However, all these events are indisputably linked to climate change. Two solutions then arise for companies offering home insurance. The first is to increase premiums as this risk becomes less and less exceptional. The second is to offer green insurance to encourage eco-responsible behavior.

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What is ecological insurance?

An ecological insurance reduces on the one hand its impact on the environment and on the other hand encourages ecological behavior.

Green insurance that respects the environment

Today, it is possible with digitalization. Insurers quickly understood the benefits of developing digital tools. Not only does this consume less energy, in particular with the implementation of the digitization of documents (invoices and electronic contracts, uploading of supporting documents from the personal space of the insured, etc.). Digitization has also enabled companies to save money as it allows better circulation of information and therefore better productivity. The online service offer has now become a criterion for choosing home insurance with comparators online as on

ecological insurance

Insurance that encourages eco-responsible behavior

How to limit the impact of human activity on the environment in order to limit the risks of natural disasters? The insurance companies will encourage the ecological approaches of the insured. For example, some companies will offer more advantageous rates to policyholders who have recent and ecological housing or to those who have done home renovation work in order to improve the energy performance of housing. Certain contractual options may guarantee ecological equipment such as solar panels or heat pump systems integrated into the structure of the house. In addition, many insurers are now establishing partnerships with associations or NGOs as part of the development of CSR principles. It is a way of supporting ecological action while improving the image of the company.

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Home insurance is not the only one going green. This is also the case for mutuals since climate change also has an impact on health as well as on automobile insurance.

Adapter economy to ecology : this is the challenge of our century by Antonio Guterres

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