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Pantone Process: Facts and Bullshit Or how to stop reading and spread nonsense about the engine or pantone process?

What is it ?

Here is more 5 years that I "work" on the Pantone process and to understand what led me to this approach, I advise you to read the page Pantone and me

Since so a little over 5 years, since the early 2001, I cogitate more or less intensively on understanding this process (and this with limited means always)!

I say "I" but in fact it's "we", ie a whole French-speaking community that is cogitating around this system and especially on le forum of econologie.com

For the moment, except during my final project study, no public institution or private laboratory (except Education) did (according to public information we have) studied the subject.

However a rumor would, according to an external source of consultant engineer, PSA-Peugeot would have worked (still working?) On the process. What have they worked? In what exact purpose? How reliable is this information? We have no answer to these questions and it is probably very difficult to get reliable answers. One thing is certain: the car manufacturers perform a powerful technological, particularly on the Internet, and it is impossible that they did not have knowledge of pantone and our / my work.

The purpose of these pages entitled FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is to summary of the facts and nonsense we have seen in various experiments, games and tests. I repeat, it is the result not of an individual or a single laboratory, but a whole community which, for purposes of promotion, does not hesitate to share graciously and selflessly, the report its experiments.

At present, such behavior is remarkable but also needed to move the thing in our world where individualism is king and honored.

These "FAQ" pages also allow an update on some fabrications we read or hear about it and prohibit future critics of the system to use arguments that suit their interests but which are biased in advance and visible on other Internet sources.

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