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Green energy providers: compare for cheaper bills

Green energy has been booming in recent years. Consumers are gradually becoming aware of the negative impact of nuclear power on the environment and are increasingly turning to clean and renewable energies. A large number of electricity suppliers are thus offering green energy offers with promises of cheaper bills.

What is green energy ?

Energy is said to be green when it is both clean and renewable. In other words, this theme refers to energy produced only from sustainable sources (renewable energies) and whose operation does not generate (or very little) greenhouse gases. There are several sources of green energy. The main ones are:

  • THEwind power or the energy of the wind: a wind turbine is an aerogenerator device which turns thanks to the wind and which transforms the kinetic energy of this latter into electricity. It is the cheapest form of energy today. However, it is intermittent, as it depends on the regularity and strength of the wind.
  • Hydraulic energy: it designates the energy produced from the force of water. The kinetic energy of water can thus be transformed into electricity by means of hydropower plants.
  • THEsolar energy : it is the energy produced by the rays of the sun. It can be thermal or photovoltaic.
  • Geothermal energy: heat from the earth is transformed into energy through geothermal power plants.
  • THEbiomass energy : the combustion or fermentation of organic animal or plant matter makes it possible to produce electricity or biofuel (biogas).
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The use of green energy is a good solution for the preservation of the environment. It helps reduce the negative impact of nuclear power on the planet. However, the CRE (Energy Regulatory Commission) draws consumers' attention to deceptively “green” offers. It is actually low-carbon nuclear electricity, but it does not come from renewable energies.

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Who are the green energy suppliers in France?

In France, the green energy market has been booming for several years. In addition to the historical energy suppliers, EDF and Engie, several other alternative energy operators are investing in renewable energies. What now offers a great possibility of choice.

Some suppliers are exclusively green and therefore only offer renewable and clean energy offers (Planète Yes, Enercoop, Urban Solar Energy, Ilek, Plüm, etc.). While other operators combine green electricity offers and standard offers (Direct Energie, Mint, eKwateur, Alterna, Sélia, GEG or even Eni).

You can easily compare suppliers and calculate your savings on a tariff simulator or an energy comparator such as

Fixed offer or indexed price offer: what to choose?

A fixed-price energy offer allows you to save some money when regulated tariffs go up. Likewise, you do not suffer from fluctuations in the cost of electricity or gas over a certain period, since this price remains stable for a period determined in advance. In addition, this type of offer is non-binding. You have the possibility to change supplier at any time.

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The indexed price offer means that the price of KWh is reduced by X% compared to the regulated tariff. This allows you to pay less for the energy used and save up to 15% immediately on your electricity bill. However, if you opt for this type of offer, it is advisable to remain attentive to the evolution of regulated prices.

Focus on electricity and gas contracts, or dual offers

The dual offer is a contract that combines gas and electricity with the same energy operator. So you have a single supplier that provides both services. The advantage of subscribing to two offers from the same supplier is that you:

  • Have only one contract and therefore less administrative procedures to carry out
  • Benefit from significant discounts on your contract
  • Have a single point of contact for the supply of gas and electricity
  • Have a single invoice that combines these two energies and therefore more ease in your management

However, it should be noted that some separate offers are more economically attractive. And not all energy operators offer a dual offer.

How to change supplier easily?

The procedure for terminating your contract with your current supplier is without obligation and free. No penalty fees will therefore be required. Termination is automatic as soon as you sign a new contract. But before choosing another supplier, it is advisable to compare the offers in the market. You can use an electricity comparator to make your job easier and save time in your research.

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The most important elements to consider before making a choice are: the components of the offer, the price, the origin or source of the energy and the services offered. You must also check the contract commitment period, the mode of issuance of invoices and the proposed method of payment.

There are more and more green energy suppliers on the market. Several alternative suppliers are added to the incumbent energy operators and offer different types of offers with electricity and gas prices much cheaper than the regulated tariffs. It is therefore quite possible to find a green energy supplier suited to your budget and your expectations.

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