The Hidden Face of Greenpeace

Olivier Vermont,
Albin Michel, 1997

The Hidden Face of Greenpeace

Investigative journalist Olivier Vermont wanted to put himself in the shoes of a militant environmentalist. His file was polished, his contacts made and forward for ten months of immersion in the great ecological bath. Infiltrated within the international organization Greenpeance, Olivier Vermont meets all the players, from the simple activist to the executives and president of the association. He even manages to become secretary of Greenpeace-France. From that moment, he noticed inconsistencies and documents that could not be more curious in the premises of Greenpeace. Never mind, he goes to the headquarters in the Netherlands to continue his investigation. Managing to gain access to confidential documents, he almost gets caught. And there…. Read The Hidden Face of Greenpeace by Olivier Vermont to learn about the testimony and damning documents that accuse the green multinational. Definitely, in this story, nobody is quite black, neither white… nor green.

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