Explosion of a fuel depot in London details

Here are some details about the catastrophe of yesterday morning. Excerpts taken from website LeMonde.fr

"The largest fuel depot explosion ever in Europe in peacetime caused a huge fire (…)"

(...) everything suggests that it was an accident. British media nonetheless recall that Al-Qaida number two, Egyptian Ayman Al-Zawahri, called in September to strike oil facilities "The majority of whose revenues benefit the enemies of Islam", in a tape broadcast by Al Jazeera, and circulating on the Internet in recent days. "

The fire chief (…) hoped that the fire could be contained during the day on Monday. (Hypothesis in our very optimistic given the direct flames this afternoon) (…) ”

A curtain of gray smoke veiled the skies of London on Sunday and caused darkness in the middle of a very sunny day. Monday, this cloud was heading for France. According to several experts, these “slightly toxic” fumes essentially include carbon monoxide and dioxide. They do not pose an immediate health hazard, although asthmatics and people with chronic lung disease have been asked to protect themselves.

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Ecologically, the current dry climate makes a phenomenon of “black rain” improbable. The Environment Agency is mainly concerned about the risks of pollution incurred by rivers in the event that fuels flow from the site. But it was deemed unlikely on Sunday. "

Buncefield stocks up to 150 tonnes of fuels and petroleum derivatives, or 000% of national needs. It is the fifth largest deposit of the 5 existing in the country. (…) “

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