EVS21: Between paradox and fatality?

For this 21 st edition, the EVS took place curiously in Monaco: A place where it is fashionable to display with heavy cars, imposing and as recent as possible but showing around 400g CO2 / km with other pollutants in proportion !!

What a fine example of egoism, incivility and extreme arrogance, as Nicolas HULOT rightly writes in his excellent book 'Le syndrome du Titanic'.

In summary, different technical solutions seem to compete with each other since they are simultaneously entering the 'artificial' micro-market of sustainable mobility. The best solution seems to be the Fuel cell which performs reverse electrolysis. Hybrids are only an intermediate solution ... but immediately comparable to our current cars, whereas all the victims of pollution have "forgotten" the freewheel so used on pre-war cars!

This obvious and extremely simple solution makes it possible to drive for free on the inertia or momentum of our current heavy cars ... While waiting for received ideas to change, because freewheeling is not dangerous in bends, on the contrary, let's drive disengaged or at neutral as soon as possible!

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Personally, just by disengaging, I measured significant gains in the city  and on the road! In short ! But what is the proposition of an INSA Mechanical Engineer worth to manufacturers and other official organizations or why make it simple when it can be complicated?

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