International protest against climate change

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In parallel with the Climate Conference (the first meeting of stakeholders of the Kyoto Protocol) in Montreal from November 28 to December 9, demonstrations will take place around the world on Saturday December 3, asking, with the Forum social, that the USA and Australia immediately ratify the Kyoto Protocol, and that the entire international community engages as quickly as possible in a treaty on more serious emissions reductions, at the same time more equitable and more effective in stabilizing greenhouse gases and preventing dangerous climate change.

For France, a demonstration is planned in Paris, meeting Place du Trocadero on Saturday December 3, at the call of the Greens and Attac France.

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Note from Rulian: this is an opportunity to show our dissatisfaction with the 2004 results of the Climate Plan and to demand real actions such as legalizing HBV, strengthening public transport, supporting more renewable energies…

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