Solar LED luminaire: the even more economical alternative to LED lighting

It is not so much the unique performances that it offers, but the need to reduce its ecological footprint and its energy bill, which motivates the switch toLED lighting. And for good reason ! Between its foolproof durability, its light output excellent, and its electrical expenditure 20 times lower than that of traditional lamps, this technological revolution is economical from all points of view. But why stop in such a good way, if it is possible to reduce the consumption of your lighting system to zero, in this case for outdoor spaces? To do this, the use of solar LED lights is ideal.

How does a LED solar lamp work?

Like all conventional lamps, it works with electric energy! But not just any: it is produced by the lamp itself, using the mini power plant with which it is equipped. Throughout the day, the photovoltaic cells that compose it capture the sun's rays to generate electricity. A battery then stores this electricity, so that it can be used after dark. So the LED solar lights use this reserve to illuminate the outdoor space, automatically or on demand. All this without impacting in any way the electricity consumption of general lighting, already significantly reduced by switching to conventional LED lamps.

4 types of solar LED lamps to install in an outdoor space

Sealing, mechanical strength, light capacity and battery life are the most important criteria to consider when choosing your LED solar lights. However, the available offer remains very wide, between aesthetic designs and endless possibilities, for both personal and professional uses.

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LED solar floodlights, for the power ofLED lighting

These versatile luminaires are distinguished by their relatively high lighting power depending on the models considered. Very popular, they serve many purposes, ranging from the functional lighting of facade walls or the front of a garage, to the decoration of a garden. At night, LED solar floodlights can therefore effectively emphasize the general architecture of a building, as well as the statues and large trees that make the beauty of its outdoor space. And this, whatever its surface.

Solar spotlights, to set the mood

If the power of solar LED spotlights is too high for certain spaces, that produced by solar spotlights represents a good alternative. These lights are more discreet and also widely used in landscaping outdoor spaces. Shrubs, floral arrangements, they perfectly complement the use of solar floodlights, and are indicated for the smallest spaces. Solar spots are also used inside fountains and around swimming pools, where they diffuse a uniform light.

Solar wall lights, the ultimate outdoor decorative lamp

Their main asset lies in their varied, very artistic and sometimes even eccentric variations. Shapes, colors, orientation of the luminous flux, their different variants make them decorative objects in their own right. Fixed on a wall at a suitable height, solar wall lights can enhance adjoining terraces, outdoor stairs and even entrances, where they have a place of choice. And this, thanks to their soft and diffused light, which offers an effective light intensity.

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Solar terminals, modern and original

Considered mini streetlights, they are very useful, in this case for marking trails. Placed on both sides of these, they illuminate the path and provide the necessary visibility to avoid false steps. It is a reassuring and secure way to circulate at night in its outdoor space. Moreover, the very original forms of the solar terminals bring to the gardens a little design touch, between futuristic and vintage styles.

If these luminaires are already very useful individually, it is together that their different assets complement each other in the service of your outdoor lighting. Combining them therefore allows those who use them to have greater flexibility in the construction of an efficient lighting system, perfectly adapted to the needs of the available outdoor space and above all, very advantageous. As the consumption of LEDs is very low, there are also ingenious systems like this LED gravity charging lamp.

This solar LED floodlight is charged by a solar panel. It charges a small battery every day and automatically turns on at night.

The advantages of using solar outdoor lights

Using solar lights to light your outdoor space is very relevant, especially if it is exposed to the sun for a good part of the day. This intelligent choice indeed offers many advantages, both ecological and economical.

0 € of energy consumption for outdoor lighting

The sun is a 100% green energy source, inexhaustible and available free of charge. It is accessible in all seasons and easy to use. Exploiting it therefore enables significant savings to be made in the daily consumption of outdoor lamps throughout their lifetime. In addition, the savings that these light fixtures allow to be noticed as soon as they are installed. It is indeed very simple and does not require any work of connection to the electrical network. No trenches to dig, no cables to buy, lots of work to do, and significant savings.

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100% autonomous lighting in its operation

Already autonomous in energy, solar outdoor lights are also autonomous in the way they work. They are generally equipped with a twilight switch, which can distinguish day from night. The latter controls the lighting of the light fixture, allowing it to light up after dark and to go out at daybreak. And when they have a motion detector, the outdoor lights only come on when a person is nearby and therefore needs to use it.

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  1. Have you taken into account rare metals for solar panels?
    It makes the system less ecological.
    Moreover, a French company recycles solar panels has authored 90% it seems to me.
    the gravity lamp seems more ecological to me.
    Still of the evolution to have for full system.

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